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Lords of Chaos (a game for 8-bit personal / home computers released in 1990) is one of THE defining games of the early 1990s.

The Lords of Chaos HD app will be offered as an in-app purchase from within the Elite Collection HD app. (The in-app will be priced at £0.69/€0.79/US$0.99 and it may include one or more other 8-bit games).

The Lords of Chaos HD app is also available in this stand-alone form. It does not include any other 8-bit games but it does include an infinite lives version.

The Lords of Chaos HD app is the near-100% original 8-bit game, as programmed by Julian Gollop and published by Blade Software in 1990 and is brought to you - as an officially licenced product - utilizing our Elite Collection HD technology.

- portrait and landscape play / display modes
- iDaptive (user-definable, game-specific joystick, keypad & canvass) Controls
- (Google: "Tiny URL 22qh8hl") for more info
- ‘auto save’, on exiting the game
- authentic '8-Bit' sound
- iCade compatible

About Lords of Chaos (LoC): Lords of Chaos is a turn-based tactics game. It is the sequel to Chaos and an ancestor of the popular X-COM series of games, also written by Julian Gollop. In Lords of Chaos each player controls a wizard who can cast various magic spells. The spells have various effects, for example summoning other creatures (which the player also controls), or damaging opposing creatures and wizards. (In its original form the game could be played against a computer-controlled opponent or by up to four human players). Before embarking on the game's levels, the player is asked to design a wizard. This is done by splitting experience points amongst mana, action points, stamina, constitution, combat, defense and magic resistance. Remaining experience points are spent on spells. Spells may be offensive in nature (magic bolt, curse), potions (speed potion, healing potion), utility (teleport, magic eye) or summoning (goblin, unicorn, etc). These spells continue the theme from Chaos and include some of that game's more unusual elements (gooey blob, for example.) After completing each scenario, the player may spend accumulated experience points to further improve their wizard. The aim of each level of the game is for a player's wizard to reach a portal which appears after a preset number of turns. To do this, the player's wizard and creatures move around a map composed of square tiles, each of which represents one of various terrain types (for example, forest or the wall of a building). During a player's turn, only the parts of the map which that player's wizard or creatures have previously seen are shown, thus leading to other human players having to look away from the screen during each turn to avoid learning information they "shouldn't" know. Points are awarded for a player's wizard reaching the portal, for holding items of treasure (for example, valuable gems) when the wizard reaches the portal, or for enemy creatures killed during the level. Each level ends when all wizards have reached the portal or been killed, or when the portal disappears after a fixed number of turns (in which case all the remaining wizards lose). During each turn, each creature has a fixed number of action points which it can use to accomplish actions, for example moving, fighting hand-to-hand or shooting ranged weapons. When a creature's action points are used up for the turn, it can take no further actions until all the players have had a turn.

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