General Info of Long Liyou’s APP:

This App contains photographs of all Long Liyou’s artworks since 1984, including those that have been shown for many times on international exhibitions and those been collected by notable artistic organizations and collectors.

This App also contains one reviews article from one world-famous critics and two articles on artistic creation by Long himself, in which Long has made a vivid depiction of his artistic experience as well as featured interpretation of his own artistic creation and concept.

This App presents photographs of Long in his solo exhibition, working in his studio as well as in life.

Long Liyou's Artworks Show:
- Long’s works from early years like "Clouds over the Grassland" to the later creations such as "Woman Standing Behind the Fence", "Haolibao at Dust", "Far Distance of Haolibao", "Early Morning in Haolibao", until his recent works including "Attending a Wedding Banquet" "Reading the Secret History of Mongols at Dusk", "Reading", "Mother-daughter", "Fat Grandmother," "Invitation from the Snow" are all full of his passion to pastoral life and humanities with a poetic lyrical flavor.
- He does not blindly beatify the pastoral life, but manifest a real bright, energetic and harmonious tone or overall atmosphere and draw details including the characters true to life, real and vivid.
- He is good at handling the relationship between the overall effect and the details, so that people will be immediately attracted by the overall effect at the first sight of the paintings, and then will be attracted by in-depth, meticulous and realistic portrayal of the details when taking a further view.

App Features:
- 44 pieces of artworks since 1984;
- Full round Photographs, including Long in life, working at studio, and at exhibition sites;
- 20 super-size HD digital artworks regularly updated, containing Long’s electronic signature;
- Long’s Biography and resume, review by critics, articles by himself, and videos;
- Sharing with friends on Twitter, Facebook and Sina Microblog;
- All artworks available for sale on

The App is operated in iOS 4 or higher edition operation system. The digital artworks require network supporting for super-sized HD photographs. Please keep connected to the network while downloading.
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