A mental Challenge that’s Highly Addictive!! A brain game lovers of Sudoku will enjoy.

With four grid sizes PLUS one new 10x10 grid size for the iPad, three difficulty levels and twenty four game skins, Logix Rank offers a fun alternative to Sudoku to challenge your mind.

To correctly set all numbers in the play grid. Every row and column must contain one of each number.To win, the numbers at each location must satisfy the greater than / less than symbols in the play grid.

How to Play:
By logically working out which positions only have one possibility, each newly set number pushes the game forward. Challenge yourself and try the game in easy mode which starts with many of the numbers already set, and work your way up to hard mode which gives no hints at all.

The play grid has been designed with two main color schemes in mind: Daylight and Twilight. The twelve Daylight skins all have light backgrounds with black numbering while the Twilight skins have dark backgrounds with light numbering. For those who are just learning or want to play a quick casual game there is also an option to color mistakenly set numbers in red so you can see where you have made a mistake.

Often the first locations which can be set are the highest and lowest numbers. Since 1 is always the smallest number, it will only be surrounded by less than symbols. Likewise, the highest number will only be surrounded by greater than symbols. Another common pattern is to have for example 5 > ? > 3 which can only be satisfied by the intervening number. Just remember that each row and column can only have one of each number.

Four different grid sizes 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9 for the iPhone plus a 10x10 grid size for the iPad.
Twenty four different grid skins: 12 dark and 12 light color schemes
Each board can be solved using logic alone.
The solution is unique for each possible board
High score list for fastest play and play count which can be reset
Numbers rotate into landscape and portrait mode for easy play.

Plus a new undo / redo / snapshot feature to easily store your game state and jump between different snapshots.
6 Aplicaciones
26.86 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
3.1 o posterior

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