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This is an amazing training toolkit that will help you achieve your strength and fitness goals. Transforming your body into a strong, fitness-machine has never been easier!

Comprehensive. Effective. Trainer-approved.

 - Developed by and for fitness professionals
 - Gain more muscular endurance and strength.
 - Each workout session lasts 25-35 minutes.
• Create a PERSONALIZED training plan and endless MOTIVATION.
- Detailed illustrations of each exercise.
 - Instantly view your achievements once training is complete.
 - View your progress via animated graphs.
 - Earn badges and rewards upon accomplishment of each task!
 - Color-coded information distinguishes your workout status.
 - Specialized design to showcase your accomplishments and achievements!
• Easy and Enjoyable to Use
 - Detailed steps for every exercise.
 - Simple and streamlined user interface.
 - Audio coach let’s you know when to rest and when to WORK.  
- Start the training program at any point, regardless of difficulty level.
 - Repeat previously completed workouts at any time.
• A Myriad of Settings at your Disposal!
 - Set “exercise time” reminder.
 - Turn on / off audio coach.
 - Select male / female audio coach.
 - Schedule auto mode for automatic training.
 - iPhone 5 and iOS 6 supported.
• Share with Friends and Fitness Competitors!
 - Post your achievements and progress to Twitter and Facebook.
 - Email your achievements and progress to the envy of your friends!

This app is built with your fitness in mind. We want YOU to achieve that perfect body shape you’ve been longing for. Not only that, you will gain more muscle endurance and strength.

Simply turn on your music app (optional) and begin a training session to be one step closer to that killer bod! This app especially suits for those who are generally reluctant to workout, and those who find it hard to stick to consistent workouts.
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