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❆❆❆ FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY—unlock KIDpedia for 99₵ ❆❆❆

Experience KIDpedia the way children have for the last 2 years with our first app, "Alphabet, Numbers & More in English, Spanish + French."

With Shapes you and your child/children can play with our interactive app and hear the words with the correct pronunciation in English, Spanish or French.

In addition, you can install our app in your iOS devices at no additional cost.

When you download Shapes you have the choice to buy the update for "Alphabet, Numbers & More in English, Spanish + French" and have access to 6 more apps and FREE updates that are in the works.

Shapes is a great way for babies, toddlers and preschoolers to discover basic shapes in an interactive environment that reinforces visual elements with special effects and voice overs in a multilingual app.

Shapes in this app can be moved around, rotated and used to make new shapes with an empty canvas.

Screen full of shapes? Tap in the title above and empty your canvas, is that easy!

What are you waiting for? Download Shapes and enter the world of learning basic words and visual relations with Shapes and Alphabet, Numbers & More in English, Spanish + French's in-app-option.

Have any questions or comments?
Send us an email message to support@kidpediaapp.com

You can also visit our website at www.KIDpediaInteractive.com

Circle Visual Design
33.71 MB
Español, Inglés y Francés
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
3.1 o posterior

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