JAZZ DUETS 2 for alto saxophone
The best way of learning how to play the jazz sax

This Jazz Duets App (Part 1 & 2) for iPad offers the perfect possibility to learn how to play the jazzy style by yourself or together with your teacher/partner.

Improve yourself easily at:

▪ Groove skills
▪ Swing style
▪ Timing
▪ Sightreading
▪ Improvisation on different scales and themes

No Midi junk! A real band is playing for you. In the free version you get the first song “Cool Down”, if you like it, please feel free to charge for the remaining two songs “The Abominable” and “Under a Charm”.

On 23 pages JAZZ DUETS 2 consists of:

▪ 3 playalong songs including demo tracks
▪ Duet version for two alto saxophones
▪ Duet version for alto- and tenor saxophone
▪ Leadsheet version for alto- and tenor saxophone

This app combines, for the first time, functionality, arrangement and handling of all required features. Different media and hardware are no longer necessary. Optimized design for iPad in HD, with many useful additional features. After downloading, all features are available. Internet access is not required, except for social media-channels or wikipedia.


▪ optimized, auto-scrolling sheet music
▪ visual notes and beat guidance by cursor
▪ example videos to show the techniques of playing
▪ integrated tuner - easy to operate

▪ demo track mode to listen to or play along
▪ play-alone practice mode
▪ play along mode with real band

▪ acoustic metronome in three different sounds
▪ optical metronome
▪ combined acoustic and optical metronome
▪ selectable tempo between 20 and 240 bpm
▪ adjustable beginning of practice tracks with open and direct choice of pace
▪ turn-off mode for count-in

▪ easy to handle TOC
▪ scroll-bar for quick browsing
▪ book mark option
▪ Wikipedia links for additional information

▪ direct access to the artist ahead apps facebook profile and youtube channel
▪ direct access to your facebook / twitter account
▪ direct access to your email client
▪ direct access to your dropbox – share video- and sound-files with your teacher

Connect your iPad to an Amp and off you go! Connecting to bigger monitors, projectors or whiteboard, for teaching purposes, is of course possible. Appropriate adapters are available in specialist shops.
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7.0 o posterior

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