Thank you for choosing to view "JAPAN Secret Hot Springs Encyclopedia Vol.1".I am Beniko The Hot Springs Lover.
Whilst they're generally regarded as "some hot water there", did you know about the rustic beauty of wild hot springs?They are managed by the locals, but as they are mostly natural springs, there are no dressing rooms or any such facilities.

This album will show you the charm of the springs named "Free Hot Springs: Sunshi Springs". "Free Hot Springs: Sunshi Springs" has a lot of varied rustic beauty and elegance, as the springs have their own freshness and personalities. Why don't we try being healed by a world that welcomes us in all its naturalness?

Through the photos I have taken on foot across the land, I hope to bring you all the charm and springs love. If you happen to see me in the water, please feel free to talk to me.

Please, enjoy a trip to the secret springs with me.

*****Product Outline*****
Despite being a normal OL, hot springs researcher Beniko Yamada has visited and soaked in over 2,000 springs over 5 years. Not bound to visiting only the famous ones, she also finds ones whose existence is known to but one or two locals. They include springs that "only contain hot water", and "open air baths on ice that only appear in winter when the lake freezes over", creating a literal tour of hot springs. Her activities have been taken up by several TV programs, starting with "Ikisugi Beauty 3" (Kansai TV).

This application contains about a hundred natural springs that are free and maintained voluntarily, most of which don't even have changing rooms.

All of them have their own wilderness and elegance, as well as spring freshness and personalities. In these hundred springs, Beniko uses a self-timer to take pictures and introduce them with her own comments.

Feel free to touch upon a part of the world that heals and welcomes us in its natural state.

・Beniko's comments are provided for all the hot springs contained in this application.
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