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★★★★★ Great for all ages ★★★★★
★★★★★ One of the best way to train your short term memory ★★★★★

Instametap - Instant Number Game
Universal app! Best for iPad! Looking good on iPhone/iPod Touch.


You may have been the Chimpanzee Memory Test Youtube video. This game is the replica of that!

Remember the locations of the numbers. Press them in ascending order.

Note: after you press the button. All of them will be hidden from the screen.
Don't rush too fast, any mistake will be punished!

Less time to remember the number, better the score!

Let's train your short term memory recall skills.

Five game modes

One round play:
Training Mode - 9 numbers, Mistake is allowed. Play this to get some ideas of the game.

Endless play, No mistake allowed:
Easy Lab Exam - 5 numbers
Experimental Exam - 9 numbers (just like the YouTube)
Incremental Exam - The real test!. Starting from 1 2 3 4….. How far can you go.
Exposure Exam - Experimental Exam with 0.5 second Exposure. This is the real test. (More like that YouTube)

Test your instant memory and be the 1st on Gamecenter Leaderboard!

Try Instametap for Achievement Support with No Ads

More features will be added soon!!


The last but not least:

Happy for any comments or feedback :)

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Instametap Official Site
Twitter - @myice92ios
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iPhone, iPod y iPad
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Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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