Insider Zurich tells you the story behind the city. This is not your normal travel guide. With it you can explore and find out the real story behind the buildings you are looking at.

The twenty places that are featured in the app. have been carefully selected to give you a unique insight into this fascinating city and help you make the best of your time here. You get their story which you can listen to as you walk around, just like in a museum, and it is accompanied by fascinating archive photographs showing the development of the city over the years.

In it you also find the best bars, the best hotels and the best places to eat for the low to medium budget traveller. And these are all from the people who know, the ones that produce the Zurich Bar Guides.

• Identify where Zurich started.
• Unearth a mysterious monastery that dominated the city centre and later became a jail.
• Find out about how Zurich had to adapt for changes in weapon technology and how it changed the city forever.
• See Zurich’s hidden masterpieces hidden away under the Police Station.
• Discover a Rococo Palace right in the city centre.
• Drink a coffee where Lenin, Einstein, James Joyce and Mussolini used to hang out.
• Uncover the dark side of Zurich’s tolerance to drugs.
• Learn the story of some of the most influential art movements of the 20th Century.
• Explore the world capital of football.

When you are here and need to know what is happening, get the Zurich Bar Guide which is the essential daily guide to what is hot and happening in the city.
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