Don’t you oftentimes feel that your thoughts have difficulty in being expressed, your ideas chasing potential words? And when you add a picture, it can mean a thousand words. What a labyrinth, no?

In the iMazing world of ^iMaze, you zoom into this labyrinth of your mind’s eye to control how ideas are associated with images. The game takes place in a virtual world where balance exists between two entities: expressions and images. You are the protector of this world and your mission is to safeguard certain expression-to-image relationships by fencing them off from evil pictroyers. Pictroyers seek to disassemble these relationships by eating away at unprotected images, making it increasingly difficult to identify which image or images correspond to the idea conveyed by a given expression.

In this ^iMazing world, expressions live in the sky of your mind, while images, the protector, and pictroyers live on the ground. It is your task to thus shield off all sides of the greatest amount of correct images associated with the given expressions displayed, all while avoiding pictroyers distorting those images or eating you. An image is only fully protected when all of its sides are fenced. Some images may relate more to the given expression than others, therefore points will not just be obtained by how well an image that corresponds to an expression is fenced, but also how well you as a protector can prioritize which related image relates even more than another. But be careful of certain hurdles—while some may keep you alive, others may help pictroyers gobble you up.
HydraByte, Inc.
8.14 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.1.3 o posterior

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