Rediscover a sensual new world of lovemaking and erotic adventures with your significant other with iFunSex. Download this sexy and informative Kamasutra-based dictionary today to learn about new erotic techniques and innovative lovemaking positions. Created to teach users new exotic poses en route to developing their sex lives, iFunSex offers vibrant yet tasteful visual aides to guide even the weariest of lovers toward discovering the full potential of their sexual chemistry.

The user is given the option of browsing through a diverse portfolio of sex positions once in the app. Every unique position is visually explained that are carefully produced to omit possible gratuitous content. Furthermore, each sexy pose is playfully and creatively titled.

iFunSex is an erotic yet unobtrusive learning app that is at once informative and highly entertaining. Designed to be practical and easily understandable, the app makes even the most complex sexual positions simple to master. If you’re ready to take the next step in your sex life or simply want to add some spice to an existing relationship this app is a must-get. iFunSex features’ include un-lockable positions, and optional audio support. Don’t wait, download iFunSex today and be ready to pleasantly surprise your lover tonight.

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