Best arcade shooting game you'll ever play. Tap Shoot Tap Shoot Tap Shoot!! to kill the bandits and survive the gold rush mayhem !

Gold Combat is action packed shooting game with mere combination of strategic implementation. It's a fast paced game and you have to manage every round of the game like a soccer mom.

Game Story

Gold Combat Story goes like this:-
Player is in the time when gold are depleted and race to overtake left out gold in all over world has started gold rush chaos. Player has a big pile of gold which he need to save from others and to do so he will be having a turret on the gold pile. It's a one man show, need to fight and survive till the end.


* The Turret is hooked in the middle of the game screen on a pile of gold.
* Turret can spin in all the direction.
* Tap on the enemy coming from any direction and it will shoot.
*The bullets are unlimited and need not to reload.
* Game has three combat zone Snowy Mountains, Forest and Desert.
* If enemies manage come close enough to turret they will start shooting back at player.
* Killing enemies will award you with gold coins for power up purchase.
* Even if you lose the game the gold coins left out will be added to next game.

Power Up

* Fire Barricade: Drag this to anywhere in the field to apply. Enemies crossing this will get fire and get killed.
* Auto Mini-Turret: Drag this to anywhere in the field to apply this power. It automatically detects all the enemies nearby and kills them. This is very effective. And lives for short time
* Sticky: Click on this to apply stickiness to the field, so enemies will not be able to move fast enough and you get enough time to shoot them.
* Fiery Ring: Click on this to apply bomb to the field. It kills all the enemies in the field. This is most effective power.
* Medical Aid: Click on this to apply. It adds 50% of health to you. Watch your health always and keep applying this to be alive in the game.

Other Game Characters
* Enemies
Shoot enemies by tapping on screen in the same direction. They will start shooting at you and destroy if they are able to reach near to you. Gold coins can be earned by killing them and use those for applying powers to defend even better.
* Trees
Acts as protective layer to you, don't destroy them. If you destroy, game turns more intense to play.
* Top Status Bar
Gold: Gold collection you have (used to purchase powers)
Score: Current score
Round: Current playing round
Health Indicator: Shows how much health left
Pause Button: Pauses the game for more options like Game Center, Menu, Shop
31 Aplicaciones
23.35 MB
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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