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At last, “GinseiIgo” unveiled that is popular with PC and game consoles.
It is the strongest Go application with the world-top AI thinking engine.

■CPU game■
You can choose Normal/Middle/High/Top level, which is a computer game mode.

■2P game■
This is the game mode that two players game each other with one game machine.
Without GO board and stones, you can play game.

Also, you can play 2P game with the before play records.
It is convenience when you watch the play records input of the other games

■Saving game records and replay game■
You can save and read the game records.
You can save any game records with the allow of the capacity.

The saved game records can be read and replayed later.

■The functions in playing game.■
The GinseiIgo has many functions usable while playing game.

- It corresponds 19/13/9 game kind.
- You can choose komi(0〜7 komi) and handicap(0〜9 stones).
- It has a hint functions that inform you the best next move.
- It has a function that display the territories.
- It has a function that display the book move.

■The many functions by the smart user input.■
You can perform the many game operation at ease.

- It supports the function that allows you to place the stone at the aim point by touching and releasing your finger.

This application corresponds the Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean.
6 Aplicaciones
13.5 MB
Inglés y otros
Versión iOS
3.2 o posterior

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