‘Colourful Eye Pleasing Appearance’
‘Exciting Levels’
‘Beat the Chase Game’

Developed by experienced people this awesome time killer will make you addicted. Once you are in it, you would want to play more and more. It is designed and developed for people for all ages. No hard and fast rule, just click the play button to begin your adventure. Unlock all the levels!

You will see a bar on the top side of the screen. The circle will move from the starting point to the end point of that bar. You have to move forward to stop that circle to reach its destination. More you move forward, more backward you push that little circle. Wait! There’s more, you will be chased down by the flow of water and the timer, you have to beat that too and also you will be facing hurdles in your path. All these obstacles will keep your interest in the game and as said earlier, you will want to play more and more until you reach your goal. You will get pies to eat and boost ups on your way. So, show how fast you can move. Beat all the odds in your path and clear all the levels to come up as the champion.

***Key Features***

Available on iOS
Use of Attractive Colours
Easy to Understand
Peppy Background Music
More Than One Enemies To Beat
Multiple Level Game
Will keep you engaged
This Game is a Good Time Killer
You Will Win When The Timer Reaches To Zero
2 Aplicaciones
21.26 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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