Gem Black Box is an hide and seek strategy board game using primaries colors to extend the classic Black Box to a new level.

Your challenge is to find a set of gems that have been hidden in the grid by shining rays of white light into the grid and observing the interactions with gems. The rays are either absorbed (Front cell,"A"), reflected back (Right and/or Left Front cell, "R") or they can emerge from another boundary cell after potential deflections (from Right or Left Front cell, "number").
Simple rules, complex situations!


- Grid size from 5x5 to 16x16 (limited to 10x10 on iPhone)
- Hidden gems from 2 to 16 (10 on iPhone)
- Gems of Mono color, multi RGB colors or mix of black (neutral behavior) and RGB colors (it's the hardest level)
- Infinite possibilities, every game is different.
- Statistic informations: number of games completed, abandoned, won in 1 validation try, total time you spent playing
- Records information compatible with Game Center: best score, total score, shortest time,…
- Autosaving unfinished game
- Ray drawing option
- You can mark cells that you think they are not part of the solution
- Gem selection by cyclic Tap or Drag (from gems in corners). Tap cycles through: known empty(cross) / Black Gem / Color Gems / empty.

Score increases with number of gems, grid size, number of colors, difficulty and decreases with number of rays, time, number of checks before success and rays displayed mode.

At "easy" level, hidden gems are kept off of the edges of the grid to avoid some tricky situations.
At "tough" level, absorbed rays do not indicate the color.

When the game is finished, you can display the paths with "Check" or "Give up" buttons.

Each gem is guaranteed to be touch by at least one ray (no isolated gem surround by other gems). Yet higher complex games, especially with black multi colors, "tough" level and large number of gems, can generate non unique solutions (on position or color). You can check several times the grid to find the position, the score is slightly reduced. Trick: you can activate "known empty" on the possible solutions to find the positions of gems after a validation (but not the color).

Available in English and French

204.28 KB
Inglés y Francés
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
5.0 o posterior

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