Year Walk begins with the unnamed protagonist visiting his lover, Stina, who hints that she has been proposed to, and warns the player about the dangers of year walking, saying that her cousin had died while engaging in the activity. The player then returns home, and awakens at night to begin his walk. Throughout his walk, the player will encounter and overcome supernatural beings, overcoming them through the completion of puzzles. At the end of his walk, the Player is given a glimpse into his future, with the words ""I don't love you anymore"" flashing on screen before the screen cuts to the body of Stina, who dies from a knife wound before the credits roll.

If the player uses the hints given after the credits to access the Journal component of the PC Game/iOS companion app, the full story is revealed: that the protagonist, now given the name Daniel, was actually the one to murder Stina after she took another man's hand in marriage. The journal, written by a modern-day man obsessed with Swedish folklore, investigates the meaning behind the year walk, before the journal alludes to him having done the year walk himself. The player can then replay the game, using new clues given by images in the journal, to solve a previously unsolvable puzzle that is revealed to have been left by the author of the journal, who successfully went back in time to attempt to prevent Daniel murdering Stina, left the box for Daniel, containing a newspaper clipping regarding Daniel's execution for his crime of murdering Stina, as well as a letter telling him that ""you know what to do"", before the player is shown an image of a knife that the author had also left, before the ending card is shown. Daniel can be presumed to either go on and murder Stina, as he did originally, or spare her by obeying his own dying wish and killing himself.

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