NOTE: Use of FutureSource Mobile requires a subscription to Interactive Data’s FutureSource, a market data terminal for energy and commodities traders, brokers and analysts, as well as a subscription to the FutureSource Mobile application.

FutureSource Mobile allows FutureSource users to access quotes, options, news, charting and analytical tools, and more – all on an iPad.

FutureSource Mobile features

Watch List – Real-time or delayed quotes from the world’s energy and commodities exchanges. Options and spreads can easily be entered with user-friendly keyboard shortcuts.

Detailed Quotes - Quote grid with instrument type-specific configurations and the ability to customize the grid with hundreds of data points.

Charts – Robust streaming interactive charts with overlays, comparison studies, and a wide variety of chart aggregations and timeframes.

News – Streaming real-time news from respected sources such as Dow Jones.

Options – Futures option chains with filters for strike date, in-the-money, near-the-money and out-of-the-money views.

Preferences – Wide range of customizable options for each window type.

Conflation Settings – Streaming data usage can be controlled through custom data conflation settings, which allows users to control data usage (and associated cellular data costs). Data conflation (in seconds) can be set independently for Wifi and cellular network connections.

Synchronized Entitlements – All the same entitlements that govern a user’s FutureSource desktop account, including rights to access streaming exchange data and news content, are respected in FutureSource Mobile. The same FutureSource account is used to log on to desktop and mobile, ensuring a user is only logged in to FutureSource on one device at any given time. This mitigates the risk of being liable for dual exchange data usage (and associated fees).
Interactive Data
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Versión iOS
5.0 o posterior

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