Have you given enough thought about what you eat?

Do you know that 95% of the world population has very little understanding about proper nourishment?

Lack of knowledge about what you eat and how much you should eat causes either obesity or makes
you prone to get infected with numerous diseases.

That's why we have introduced Food Facts application! You can easily educate yourself and avoid
nutrition related problems by using this application.

It helps you choose what is best for you and what is the healthy quantity of each food you should
consume based on your unique body condition.

You can easily control the amount of fat in your meals and have that athletic, energetic body you want.

That's not all! After a heavy meal, you could use Food Facts app to find out what kind of nutrition you
had and what kind of exercises you should follow to burn the excessive fat!

It is not difficult to take control of your nutrition anymore with Food Facts application around.

Our mission is to,
1. Make it easy to identify and use the ingredients you want, in the foods you want.
2. Eliminate all of the confusion - get the facts, be informed, and take action.
3. Educate about healthy eating - create healthy food recipes and meal plans - learn, track, compare and
share information. You can see lots of meals on the application, so it is very easy to choose.

Main features:
1. Hundreds of foods and recipes included.
2. Easy search facility
3. See your recently viewed foods/recipes on the first page.
4. Fat burn methods added according to body weight.
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