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The beautiful world of Cloudia is located high above the clouds and consists of numerous floating islands in the sky. However, cruel wars were instigated by invasive acts; mysterious monsters swarmed into the shattered sky and preyed on the world of Cloudia. Raynus, a young knight and his allies, are determined to put an end to this chaos, and set off on a conquering crusade in an airship.

The 1st in a popular RPG series, which has taken Japan by storm for quite a while, is about to come to you!

Traverse the worlds, build up skills, all just for completing this holly mission. The FlyHight series will lead the players on a journey that touches their hearts. The series has accumulated over one million loyal players throughout the 8 years since it gained popularity in Japan. The battles are strategically challenging with straight forward commands. The lovely music and unbounded hidden and collectable elements are guaranteed to keep the players excited. It not only allows the players to experience the grand story, but also enables them to enjoy the adventures.
3 Aplicaciones
31.38 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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