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Have you ever wished to plunge into the past?

Childhood… The best time with the happiest memories for lot of us… Our games, toys, our amusements that will never leave our minds.

Do you remember Hopscotch?

One of the most famous children’s game that used to be popular in the past but starts to lose its popularity nowadays.

Fortunately, thanks to high technologies we were able to inhale a new life into the favorite entertainment of many millions boys and girls worldwide and make it more dynamical and non-standard for you.


Meet the FingerHop!

The game that helps you and your child not only to have fun and to compete with each other, but also to become more CONCENTRATE and TRAIN your SPEED, ATTENTION and INTELEGENCE in a short period of time.

Let’s talk a little about this game.

First of all you must remember that your goal is to get across as much levels as you can in the fastest time period using your fingers as your feet like in Hopscotch.

So prepare in advance – it will be interesting ahead ;-)

There are levels in game that you have to complete by taping all of the blocks from 1 till 9 in the correct order.

Also you must remember some extra important things about this:

1. Blocks positions will always change and every level is unique, so you have to be more ATTENTIVE.

2. If you are wrong, you’ll see the red flash. It means that you miss the block and lose 1 LIFE POINT. You‘ll have 3 of them from the beginning and after a period of time and certain quantity of points you will be able to restore them again and again till the mark of 5 LIFE POINTS , so try not to injure your fingers while you are hopping.


After you make it through and end the level, you will go to the “Result Menu” where you can see your score , time and remain life points.By taping continue button you will start the next level.

You must know that you can always pause your game.In any time. Just click the button in the right down corner of the screen.

There you can see the level you are and collected amount of game points. Also you can go back to the main menu or continue the game further.

Now some information about game time and competitive part in it.

You will have a limited period of time in every level that will decrease during the game.

Also, you’ll collect a certain quantity of points for every fraction of a second.


With Local and Global Scoreboard system you can always be informed about new records among your Family, friends and other players in ALL OVER THE WORLD.


Full Version GAME FEATURES :

✮ Non–stop pleasure!

✮ Revolutionary Gameplay

✮ Every level is unique

✮ Multi Touch interaction

✮ Local / Global Scores system


How to play :

– You have to tap on all of the blocks in the right order from 1st till 9th. But it’s not so simple as it seems! Don’t forget, you will have limited playing time.

- Blocks positions will always change, so you have to be more attentive.

- If you press the right block, you leave a footsteps after yourself and it shows that you may continue till the end. Then you can go to the next level.

- The score depends on your quickness and the more level you play, the more count of game points you collect.

- You have to tap double squares that marked with the same
color. (4-5 , 7-8).

-If you are wrong, you will see the red flash. It means that you lost one Life Point. There are three of them in the beginning, but after you get a certain quantity of Score points it will help to restore them back.
4 Aplicaciones
9.14 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
2.2.1 o posterior

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