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If you're familiar with the classic toy ‘Bop It’ you’ll love Finger Ninja.

Have you got the fastest finger on the iPhone? Compete to the beat as spoken commands from Finger Ninja test your reflexes. Tap it, flick it, spin it and shake it - how fast can you react? The spoken commands come at you in random order, and they keep coming faster and faster.

Once you’ve mastered solo, why not go one-on-one with a friend in Pass It mode, or get a group together and see who has the fastest reflexes. Finger Ninja is just as fun to play with a group as it is by yourself and you only need one iPhone or iPod Touch! It’s great down the pub.

And it’s the only game similar to Bop It! on the iPhone that allows you to compare your reflexes against other iPhone users with it’s online world ranking leader board directly within the game.

Featured include:
* Easy to use interface making it a game anyone can play
* Solo mode and Pass It mode - play by yourself or with a as many friends as you like
* Local leader board allows you to compare your time against other players on the iPhone
* Online leader board allows you to compare your time against others in the world

Enjoy Playing!

Any problems or suggestions, please contact us at support@fingerninja.net - we’d love to hear your feedback.
2 Aplicaciones
2.91 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.2 o posterior

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