FieldMap is a tool for mobile devices which allows users to extend the use of their GIS data and maps in the field in a disconnected (offline) mode. You can work where no 3G/4G or WiFi network exists. The users can collect new feature data and update the attributes of existing features including attaching pictures when performing inspections and sync the updates to the GIS database in the office.

FieldMap provides all the functionality needed in the field:
- Offline data viewing with support for rich cartographic symbolization
- Dynamic Text Placement module for visually pleasing maps
- Vector mapping system with unlimited zoom capability
- Layer Control to display relevant data
- Review attributes for features with a simple tap on the screen
- Attach geo-tagged photos to a selected feature using the Camera or from Photo Library
- Search the indexed GIS database to find features – zoom to the selected feature
- Real time GPS location displayed on the map
- Distance and Area Measurement tools
- Overlay your GIS data on Apple Maps imagery
- Mark-up map using Redlines and email map image to back-office

In the office, organizations who have implemented MapText Inc.’s solutions around GIS systems can configure:
- User Accounts for field personnel
- Map publishing for use in the field
- Text Placement rules with scale ranges
- Attributes for review in the field
- Search filters for the various layers
- Data editing and collection roles
- Synchronization of the edits from the field into the GIS

Organizations will manage their Mobile Users on a MapText hosted server using a web browser. Organization administrator can upload your GIS maps for use by the mobile users onto Amazon cloud or their own hosted servers. The Mobile Publishing and Synchronization solution from MapText, Inc. will need to be implemented by the Organization in order to access the data on the mobile clients.
MapText, Inc.
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Versión iOS
7.0 o posterior

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