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The next generation in mobile applications is here..

New features in 1.2:
- Web client (Safari, Firefox only), default password is fenix
please change it from settings.
The new web client allows you to view/backup and restore your notes from your desktop.

NOTE: To activate web client please put your device face down.

Works with Mac/PC using Safari or Firefox.

You can move your notes from the free version (version 1.2) to the paid version using the web client.

- Application badge.

Fenix notes the most innovative and easy to use notes app available on the App Store, designed and inspired by the iPhone and iPod Touch.


- Turn your iPhone or iPod touch to write a note in landscape.
- Search your notes, Fenix notes searches through all your notes contents.
- Shake to sort your notes by color, title or edit date. The more the notes, the more fun Fenix notes will be.
- Make your notes bigger or smaller by using a pinch open or pinch close gesture respectively.
- Use different colors and fonts to categorize your notes.
- Delete notes by pressing and holding just like on the iPhone or iPod Touch.
- Read the enclosed user manual in Fenix notes to take full advantage of Fenix notes.

With Fenix notes, taking notes will never be the same again, some really cool features are in development for future release..

The full version of Fenix notes allows you to move your notes around, turn sort on/off change the name and order od the colors, change the order of the sort, create an additional sort criteria to suit your needs and search search all your notes not just the titles.

A BIG thank you for all the kind words you have left in your reviews. You guys are great.

If you have any questions, would like to request a feature or give feedback please send an email to feedback@fenixnotes.com
Phoenix Rising Ltd.
1.6 MB
Español, Inglés, Francés, Alemán, Italiano y otros
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.0 o posterior

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