Eureka!! allows access to Project Eureka's website from your iPhone.

Send your brain to the gym too! Eureka!! is the perfect application to keep your brain in good shape and also have fun while doing so.

The Eureka!! app will show you the type of problems/puzzles you are interested in, allowing you to choose the type of problems you want to solve. If you are a member of you can use your login credentials to score your problems on the site.

You can also see the answers deemed correct by the community to any of the problems, as well as the detailed explanation (where available) for a specific problem. You can discuss your solution on

For a demo of the product, go to

Project Eureka is a collaboratively edited site for problem solvers/creators - regardless of problem or field. Any problem, puzzle, or trivia question can be submitted to project Eureka. Similarly, for people who prepare for various tests, project Eureka offers the possibility of grouping multiple problems in a test and simulate a standardized test environment.

- login to ProjectEureka
- choose among 9 categories (types of puzzles)
- solve the puzzles and score them
- see the figures
- if you want to give up, check the accepted answer and discuss it on
- see the detailed solution proposed
- search problems on topics of interest

Supported by ads, for the version without ads, please get the full version of Eureka! for $0.99
2 Aplicaciones
1.08 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
3.0 o posterior

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