Do you ever wonder why the market goes up and down all the time on any given day of the week on seemingly no news? Well actually there is news almost every day of the week that moves the markets. From unemployment numbers, housing numbers, federal reserve speeches, nonfarm payrolls, etc. to crude oil inventories, auto sales numbers etc there is always something that can move the markets. in addition to the more obvious things like company earnings. In fact...there are on average 10-20 of these types of events every single week. And let's face it keeping up with all these events can be pretty tough. That's where the Economic Events Calendar comes in.

For those who love to trade around events or just want to stay informed...this app is designed just for you! You can get this invaluable tool that will improve your trades, timing, awareness and most importantly your bottom line for less than the price of a cup of coffee. This app is designed to keep you informed and up to date on all events for a given day organized by week.

Economic Events Calendar also includes information available for each event ike the event name/type, previous numbers, what the market expects along with the actual results once they are updated so you can compare and make an informed decision to buy or sell based on whether the information was better or worse than the market expected. We even send real-time alerts to you with this information to make it really simple!

In addition to real-time alerts that tells you what happened...Economic Events Calendar even gives you the ability to add reminders to your iPhone/Ipod/Ipad calendar to alert/remind you when an event you're interested in is about to happen. Choose from any/all of the following timeframes relative to the exact date/time to keep you informed of upcoming events.

- 1 hour before event
- 1 day before event
- 1 week before event

**DISCLAIMER - The information contained in this application is for informational purposes only and Stock-Events.com does not take any responsibility for any monetary gains or losses caused by information provided by this application. Although we try very hard to have the most accurate data we possibly can we cannot guarantee it so please do your own due diligence.
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