Have you ever wondered what kind of a disease a particular medicine is prescribed for? Or vice versa? If the answer is yes, you don’t have to look for anywhere anymore!
“Drugs and Diseases” is all you need! This app lists hundreds of diseases and drugs which allows you to find which drug is for which disease (and vice versa) with a tap of your finger!

* Lists over 300 drugs and diseases with the ability to search by drug or disease (free version comes with all the functionality but limited to details of only 50 diseases and drugs)
* Easily find which drug is used for a particular disease and vice versa
* Alphabetically ordered to allow easy access
* Easy to use interface for quick navigation
* All the information is embedded in the app itself so no need to have an internet connection and no waiting time to load data
* Ability to share on FaceBook, Twitter and connect with others

All the details provided by this app on diseases and drugs are for informational purposes only. Medicines should be used only as directed by a qualified medical practitioner. Only a qualified doctor can prescribe the most suitable drug and dose taking a number of things into consideration like your age and other medical conditions. DO NOT USE THIS APP TO SELF PRESCRIBE MEDICINES.

What the users have to say about this app:
“I have used this many times to confirm the correct drug was given when buying over the counter”
“It is very useful because you can find all you want without looking up any books or having an internet connection”
“It is very assuring to have a utility like this”
“I have helped a number of my friends by providing information by looking up this app and now they want to buy it too”
“Use it all the time to buy over the counter medicines. Hassle free and easy to use”
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iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.0 o posterior

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