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The Furrie little creatures are stuck and they need help! Grab a Boo in this thrilling physics world and drop them to safety but beware the Evil Furries have a plan of their own.

✪ "The Drop Out is a serious contender for best physics puzzler on the iPhone." - GameZebo
✪ "The Drop Out is among the top 10 games of March 2012." - QualityIndex(Qi)
✪ "Rescue a succession of hapless furry critters from imprisonment across a varied bunch of levels in this bouncy cartoon-physics puzzler The Drop Out." - Guardian
✪ "Cute Meets Tough In This Knock Down Game Of Physics" - AppAdvice.com
✪ "Challenging, frustrating, looks fantastic. Everything a great iOS game should be." - TodaysiPhone.com
✪ "Drop Out is an adorable puzzle full of beauty and intelligence. It works your brain without getting you completely lost." - ApplicationiPhone.com

Drop Out lets you travel through various environments to rescue your little buddies. It uses physics-based gameplay which combines gravity, friction and collision to deliver a fantastic experience. Creative elements combined with challenging levels deliver an outstanding gameplay.

Choose one of the many unique abilities of Boos to aim and drop the Good Furries. Evil Furries have a nasty bite and its best to avoid them. Each level is unique and will test your timing, logic, skill and force.

Will you rise to the occasion or will you wait for the world domination?

● Features ●

✔ Amazing Episodes: Float through space, Surf the Ice, Fly in Heaven, Gear up in the factory or Teleport in Science Lab
✔ Interact with new objects in every episode
✔ 5 Episodes with 150 Unique Levels will keep you addicted
✔ Lose yourself in the realistic physics environment
30.42 MB
Versión iOS
4.0 o posterior

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