Professional dream analysis and self-development tool. For dreamers and non-dreamers alike.

Unique Artificial Intelligence designed to help you understand the therapeutic messages of your dreams, and how to use these messages in order to live a more fulfilled and joyful life, and connect with your subconscious potential.

1. JOURNAL your dreams and interesting experiences
2. ANALYZE your dreams with our interactive A.I.
3. APPLY the wisdom of dreams to find meaning in your life, improve your relationships, become successful, reconnect with your life's hidden potential.
4. Get a real-time PROFILE of your subconscious potential
5. SHARE your interpretations with your friends and community on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail
6. Fully adaptive and learning A.I., becomes more knowledgeable the more you use it
7. iTunes file sharing to BACKUP or transfer your dream database between devices

For Non-dreamers:
If you don't remember your dreams, don't worry. Do you remember the last time you had an unusual experience that made you think 'I must be dreaming'?
These happenings are significant, and Dream-e can guide you to explore them just it would do with night time dreams, in order to help you better connect with your inner self.

Dream-e is the first product of a collaborative effort between former NASA engineers, world-class psychologists, artists and developers in order to create a new kind of technology that interacts with your consciousness.

The technology is highly sophisticated - despite the simple appearance - and it works with your creative mind. This could be a challenge because it involves using different parts of the brain than the ones used in the day to day life.
Just like learning to ride a bicycle, you will have to practice and probably fall a few times.
Please read the help and watch the videos, this will dramatically improve your chances of success.

All your data is private and stored locally your device. No information is being sent to us or to third parties.
Technosophics Ltd
1.95 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.0 o posterior

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