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You wish you could listen to your music while you’re sitting there waiting for the bus. Your favorite songs are on your rapidShare playlist but you can’t access them on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Oh well, you can sit and pass the time by watching that old guy pick through the garbage across the street. You sigh and think, ‘this sucks!’

Cheer up, music lover. Now you can download those tunes, easy as pie and twice as fast. All you need is Download Rapid Manager on your iDevice.

This amazing application isn’t just for music, though. Any, yes any, downloadable file from any website can be on your iDevice by just tapping an icon. How’s that for sleek simplicity?

That means you now have more options. Sure, you can choose between keeping an eye on the old guy and listening to your music but you could also work, catch up on your reading, share files through iTunes, watch videos and more. Rapid Downloader supports the viewing and playing of all standard picture, document and media formats. So go ahead and download all those great photos, PDFs, docs, MP3s, M4vs…you get the picture.

All you have to do is use the built-in internet browser. Just touch a link or copy and paste the URL of the file you want and start downloading one file or multiples. This app can handle it! You can even track the progress of your downloads while you’re browsing the internet for more great content. Change your mind? No problem, touch the ‘Stop’ button. Yup, it’s as easy as that.

Once you get a bunch of downloads on your device, you’re sure to love the ability that Rapid Downloader gives you for managing your files. Create, edit, delete or rename any of your files and folders to keep things neat and tidy and easy to find. As an extra precaution, be sure to use the Passcode lock to protect those files of yours.

Oh, and if you’re a premium user, you’re going to really love this part! Your user logins are saved in the app, so your downloads automatically come from the site. Pretty cool, eh?

Check out some of the features you get in Rapid Downloader:
* Attractive, easy to use interface
* Download any downloadable file from any site – fast!
* Download any iPhone, iPod touch and iPad wallpaper
* Download files from automatically with premium user logins
* Play, watch and listen to your downloaded files
* Built-in internet browser
* Multi-file downloading
* Multitasking with iOS 4.0 or later
* One touch download stop
* Live download progress and speed indicator
* Ability to download files of unknown size
* Manage and transfer files
* Extract Zip files
* Pinch and zoom capability
* File sharing with iTunes
* Share image files of less than 15MB via email
* Passcode lock to protect files

So, what are you waiting for? The dirty man picking through the garbage isn’t getting any more interesting. Grab the Rapid Downloader right now and start having a more involved, interesting life.

Enjoy this application to the fullest!
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