Here at Bordentown Regional High School we decided to title our campaign, “Don’t Text and Drive, Bordentown Wants You Alive.” This campaign has attracted over one hundred of our BRHS students. In honor of our cause, we decided to run six major projects for the 2012 school year. Our first major project is our music video. We have created a song that was applied to our ten minute music video featuring interviews, a reenactment of students getting pulled over by a local police officer, classroom scenes, students signing the Don’t Text and Drive pledge, and a flash mob dance. The entire BRHS student population will view our music video next month at our “On Point Assembly,” in our Performing Arts Center. Our second project was called, The Red Ribbon Pledge. It was our goal to have everyone at BRHS to take the “Don’t Text and Drive” Pledge. Pledges were available to: students, teachers, paraprofessionals, and administration and BRHS staff. Once a person signed a pledge, their name was put on a red ribbon that was be interlocked with other ribbons. The interlocked ribbon was displayed around the cafeteria for all visitors to view and was featured in our music video. Our third project was to construct a traffic sign that states, “Don’t Text and Drive Bordentown Wants You Alive.” This traffic sign was posted where students, teachers, staff and buses exit the BRHS campus. Our fourth project was our Physical Education Fun Day. On Friday March 9th 2012 BRHS teamed up with Allstate Auto Insurance to give teachers the opportunity to bring their students down to the gym for a day of fun. Students also created a banner titled: “Texting Kills.” Students stamped their thumb print along with their signature, pledging they will not text while driving. During this day, students enjoyed a day of games, music and fun while we spread the word, “Don’t Text and Drive Bordentown Wants You Alive.” Our fifth project was our “Don’t Text and Drive Bordentown Wants You Alive” iPhone Application. This is a free application you can download to your iPhone. All you have to do is go to the “App Store” icon on your iPhone. Type in: Don’t Text and Drive Bordentown Wants You Alive in the search engine. On this iPhone application you can: Pledge that you will not text while driving; View our surveys; Test your knowledge with a trivia game regarding the dangers of texting; View our music video and listen to our Don’t Text and Drive song. This application enables us to spread the word about the dangers of texting while driving worldwide. Our final project was called “Chalk the Block.” Students wrote in chalk, on our high school’s courtyard, statistics about texting while driving. This campaign has become a school wide effort and I feel privileged to be part of this movement. I am extremely proud of our students at BRHS!

Included in this app are resources and statistics about the dangers of texting while driving, access to our campaign's music video and a questionnaire game based on statistics about texting and driving.
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