This is a turn based game. Roll the dice to play.

There are 3 modes in the game.

First one will be single player mode in which you can play with your phone. This mode will be easy to win.

Second mode will also like the first one and it will be difficult to win than the first one.

Third mode will be two player mode in which you and your friend may play.

Game Rules and Instructions:
After rolling the dice, you should touch the coin which you want to move so that the possible move positions will be marked. You should put your coin in any of marked positions.

You can move the coin inside the board by throwing 1 or 5 only. It always allows to move one square only.

If you got 1 or 5 while rolling dice, you will get extra turn. Also if any of your coin is inside the board and got 6, you will get extra turn. These rules are applicable for iPhone moves also.

You can dismiss your opponent's coin by placing your coin in their coin's position.

Guide all your coins to reach the first row of opponent's region so that you will win the game.

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iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.0 o posterior

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