A new types of puzzle game. Destroy Path is a FREE unique game with an easy control and smart design for making path by destroying the block in your way. In Destroy Path, you can control the destroyer smoothly to reach the target. You will face a different blocks, each one has property, such as Double Block, Jumping Block & Portal Block. Try to avoid falling to the another world, swimming in another world will be considered as a lose.

1- Move the destroyer by swiping it to eliminate each block and try to reach the target.
2- You can make it to target without destroying the whole blocks , but you won't perfectly do the mission.
3- Watch out of falling down.
4- Each block will be destroyed if you step on it once.
5- Double block can be used twice.
6- Jumping block make you skip a block and jump to the one near to it.
7- Portal block is a time block can make the destroyer transport to another portal block.
1- Game designed for genius players.
2- Smooth and easy control.
3- 120 levels designed perfectly.
4- Addition levels as a Bonus ( 30 levels ).
5- Sounds and Graphics made to fit the game.
6- support IPhone 4, IPhone 5, IPod 4, IPod 5 & IPad.
7- Game Center Achievments.
8- Free.

Free Updates & Free Games will published soon. ;)
Saif Shammari
8.46 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
5.0 o posterior

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