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Welcome to the world of Dancing Animals! Yea, you got that right, animals are going to dance to entertain your little child. Watch animals come to life on your screen. You can't deny how much children get excited when they see animals. This app is equivalent to taking your kid to the zoo, only a little better. They won't get to see the animals dancing in a zoo.

Your child will enjoy playing with this app. Where else will they see a Bear dancing to Hip Hop music, a Giraffe cheerleading, a Hippo belly dancing, a Deer stick dancing, a Donkey skating or a Lion b-boying? There is a lot more! Kids have to play a game and learn how to spell and speak each animal's name while playing with this fun app. The process of learning was never this much fun. Dancing Animals promises to give your little one a one-of-a-kind experience. After all the apple of your eye deserves something special, right?

- Free to try out
- Child friendly interface.
- For kids between 2-6 years
- 20 Dancing Animals (5 Free, 15 via an in-app purchase)
- Audio for letters & names of animals

Why kids will love this app?
- Different music tunes and dance steps for every animal.
- Funky dance moves and some rocking music.
- Funny & cute graphics to keep a child hooked.
- Colorful background, amazing visual effects & great animations!

Why parents will love this app?
- Kids will be busy with some fun clean entertainment.
- Your kid will learn to recognize animals from pictures.
- Your kid will learn to speak and spell the names of animals.
- Who knows, you might see your child start dancing like the animals :-)
50 Aplicaciones
63.25 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
3.0 o posterior

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