Have you, a friend or family member been experiencing possible heart problems and been advised to have a coronary angiogram (cardiac catheter)? Do you want to know more about a coronary angiogram and why you might need it? If yes, then this is the App for you.

Coronary Angiogram eSupport is a comprehensive patient support App written by an experienced consultant cardiologist giving an overview of your condition, the possible investigations and treatment options and the medical procedure itself - as well as recovery and rehabilitation.

All the information that you will need if you have been told that you need a coronary angiogram – at your fingertips.

A must-have before undergoing a coronary angiogram.


My information:-
Includes ability to personalise with your own diagnosis and proposed treatment, contact details, emergency phone numbers etc. and to add significant appointments directly to iPhone calendar. Insurance company treatment codes for the UK and USA are provided.

My Condition:-
Includes an overview of coronary angiogram with colour images and information on the symptoms that may require angiogram and the other tests that may also be needed.

My Procedure:-
Includes comprehensive information and images about the coronary angiogram procedure itself, how to prepare, what to expect before and during your hospital stay and details of admission and discharge from hospital. It provides checklists detailing numerous questions, suggestions and reminders.

My Recovery:-
This provides advice on important areas such as nutrition, activity, potential symptoms and complications to help ensure a safe and rapid recovery. It includes information on the possible results of the coronary angiogram investigation and what treatments may be recommended as a result. Frequently asked questions are answered.

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