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The crash issue has been covered.
This version is for iphone and itouch. IPAD can't display.
IPAD version is on sale.

Expanding the borders of conventional RTS games, 17cityTD2 requires the most coordination of strategic and tactical in military operations.
The level design is based on Articles of Sun Tru′s 《The Art of War》. Different from the traditional repeating of building towers in TD game, 17cityTD2 needs the player to consider more about mining/obstacles/terrain/the explode interval of atomic bomb/aerial battle, etc.
Now this fantastic game is stocking up for launch.
Are you ready to kick off?

New features:
1.Add two super weapons: meteoric falling and atomic bomb which make the battle more fierce.
2.Add new explode effects for geomagnetic storm/missile/ice cubes.
3.Add different death effects for different monsters.
4.Redesign of game sounds: add new sound effect for explode and background music.
5.Adjust the difficulty of levels in order that the players can get more achievement of satisfaction.

一:步步为营:Step after step the ladder is ascended.
二:一夫当关:Hold the central path, speed up your mining.
三:背水一战:Lure the enemy away the river into the plain.
四:釜底抽薪:Explode the huge ore using atomic bomb.
五:调虎离山:Guard the three island, extend the way of the big boss.
六:暗渡陈仓:Watch out the obstacle in this map, which may be a fraud!
七:围城打援:Guard the minerals, coordinate mining and attacking.
八:以静制动:Delaying tactic by wisely using the big iron pillars.
九:十面埋伏:First of all, dispose the iron pillars which make the battle field in to four pieces.
十:欲擒故纵:Pay attention to the flying monster, that is the real big boss.

★★★★★Key Features★★★★★

(1)Provide a variety of paths mode. A:Default path of the enemy's attack. B: open space, the enemy automatically find the road.
(2)Ore is very important. Each map provides different types of ores, to attack the ore can obtain the appropriate money.
(3)Introduce the concept of obstacle, attack obstacle to get the location to construct your tower.
(4)Four kinds of basic towers and two kinds of super weapons, each tower has three levels of upgrade mode.
(5)zombie, shaped, monster, tanks, the giant birds, UFO, etc. 30 different enemy characters.
(6)10 different styles and difficulty ranks of the map,and 4 maps have endless mode.
(7)Iphone4-based high-definition HD retina display.
(8)Amazing back music and hot blood soundtrack effects.

★★★The professional game review site★★★

"If you're looking for a more serious TD game that includes military strategy and tactics, then 17 City TD is your best choice!" -- James Duncan InfoMobile.com

“Awesome! Great graphics, sound and game play.Well worth the price. 5 stars!”--Alex Sina game center

"Awesome visual style. Fast-paced, addictive gameplay. "...it’s the most fun I’ve ever had playing a tower-defense game!" --Wei-Phone.com

★★★★★Features of the Tower★★★★★

Machine gun Tower
Faster fire, to fight against the fast enemies.

Ice Tower
Launch ice,can wrap the enemy, and slow down the enemy's movement speed.

Magnetic storm Tower

Launch Magnetic storm, can puncture the body of zombies and monsters, so that they will become bskeletons.

Missile Tower

The most powerful weapon, the missile can caused huge damage.

What are waiting for Commander? Download 17City TD and defend now.The tower and your soldiers need you.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact with me.
TskyGame Team
5 Aplicaciones
34.66 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.2 o posterior

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