Peking University and Tsinghua University are the most prestigious universities in China, but which school was the first school that had adopted the modern educational methodology?

Studying overseas has now become common but what school was the first that established a mature system with which to dispatch students to overseas universities and that had gained from the action?

iJour recommend this book which is possible to help you figure out the answers.

In the 1860s, the advocates of the Westernized Movement, amidst a flurry of criticism, founded Fujian Chuan Zheng School in the purpose of defending the country by learning from foreign countries and reforming the old systems.

This school regularly sent its students abroad for further study and produced a galaxy of the badly needed talents in modern navy construction, machinery manufacturing, mining and metallurgical industries, telecommunication, railway and diplomacy. While introducing western science and technology, it produced patriots who strove to invigorate their country. Quite successful and prestigious at its time, the school became the pioneer in modern education in China and was emulated in other parts of the country, prompting and accelerating the pursuit of science and truth in China.

The author is currently the Chief of Mawei Chuan Zheng Culture Research Center, is quite established in the research of Chuan Zheng culture. To fill a gap in the research of Chuan Zheng education, for two years, he has been collecting and sifting historical materials concerned and conducting systematic study from the educational perspective.

Another striking feature of this work lies in a series of fresh and insightful views. The author applies views and methods of historical materialism and surpasses all his predecessors by challenging some biased or specious conclusions of their research on the same subject.

The author believes that facing "the great changes never seen in three thousand years", the founding of Chuan Zheng School is an event profoundly significant in politics, national defense, economy and education at a time when people's thoughts had undergone dramatic changes as the society was completely transformed.

Note:this book includes no photos and the original copy lasts for 350 pages.

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