Ceylon is a fast-paced gem hunt on a tropical island for one to four players. Plan your moves simultaneously by arranging a set of colored maps. Lay out your path across the six landscapes of Ceylon or choose a ship route as a short cut. But mind the volcano eruption limiting your time! And its good to keep an eye out on your greedy opponents...
The player to finish planning first, moves first to collect precious diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. Sets of gems yield extra points. Who collects the most gem points, wins the game!

One to four players, from kids aged 6+ and families to core gamers. Add computer opponents as you like.

Skill system:
Adjust the skill level of each player or computer opponent to allow e.g. for a family board game full of fun, a hefty duel of core gamers or a casual challenge for one player.

Island maps:
Contains four island sizes, including a tiny map for kids and two large maps for core gamers and Ceylon experts.

Mods and game types:
Ceylon has several different game modes, from the standard "20 gem point collection" to the mind blowing "7 gem pathfinder" game or the hunt for sets of gems. If you are feeling creative, set the rules of the game yourself and come up with an all new version of Ceylon!
Bjoern Heismann
16.98 MB
Inglés y Alemán
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
6.0 o posterior

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