It was a sunny day… or maybe night… a tiny spider fell asleep… And dreamed his happy dream – that he could almost fly, by jumping on his web like trampoline so high! If you like Flies – so stick with these – I’m up for Butterflies and Bumble Bees…ZZZ…zzzz!!!! I’ll grab Mosquito on the way and for desert I’ll catch a Worm today! But stay away from the Dark Hole! Jump over tree to go back home.

Catch A Bug HD is an educational game that develops powers of observation, logic, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and musical association abilities. The objective is simple – to catch the bugs and to get the final outfit for the spider. It’s not about making it in time – relax but stay focused.

How to play:

Pull the Spider down and release to jump. Tap the screen to boost. Catch the bugs to collect the points and to get new outfits. You must follow the cheats on the bush to catch the bugs flying up high. The higher the bugs are flying the more points you get. Listen to the music – each kind of bugs has its unique musical theme. Stay away from Dark Hole and Raindrops.

Catch A Bug HD Highlights:
- Day and Night modes
- Endless running game
- Unique interactive musical soundtrack that features jazzy musical themes
- Combines realistic physics with intuitive touch controls that make the game easy to play, takes time to master
- Unique art design and cute animation that looks amazing on your iPad

Join the tiny spider on a colorful, musical and educational journey!!!!


Game trailer can be found on youtube:
2 Aplicaciones
33.69 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.0 o posterior

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