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Artillary team killed all specified targets, only few hard targets remained alive and masked with an evil face, your mission as a professional connon man is to kill these remaining targets.

In this military game you will be acting as the connon man, the targets that are represented by evil red face may be found in several zones and hiding in a way that is some times easy to handle and some other times only professionals are capable to handle, stretching the cannon by finger touch controls the power of shooting and the speed of the bomb, also direction of shooting is controlled by rotating the cannon.
The Bomb should hit the target in order to eliminate it, you may need to destroy barriers in order to reveal the targets location, or hit several bombs each one for a specific task, or you need to be very fast before the targets is protected in a sealed area, or .. or .. or .. , you have to be clever enough to know which strategy to use (speed, power, precision, ...etc).

enjoy tens of levels distributed on several zones in terms of simplicity (simple, medium, hard, extreme).
4 Aplicaciones
14.76 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.1.2 o posterior

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