Cabbin Frenzy gives you finger tip control of your own cab company. Cabbin Frenzy starts off in a leisurely way but don’t be drawn into a false sense of security. Cabs are released into the game at an ever increasing rate creating a frenzied and frantic challenge to keep all your vehicles on the road. Reckless driving will launch cabs into one another resulting in a loss of precious time, money and pride. Your challenge is to earn as much money as possible in the shortest time whilst keeping all of your cabs on the road. More cabs mean more road congestion so you must be alert and quick fingered to avoid collision and risk loosing all your hard earned cash!

Passengers appear on screen as different coloured fare icons: 3 fares will earn you 30 currency units, 2 fares 20, and 1 fare 10 - but passengers can get tired of waiting and disappear! Use your all observation skills to choose the best route to collect the fare or reverse your cab out of trouble. Hit the accelerate button to reach the drop off point quicker so you can drive to your next fare. Successfully delivering your fare to the same colour destination icon will earn you more money.

• Keep your Cab Company afloat as long as possible
• Play in three world capital cities: New York, London and Paris
• Control the cabs with an intuitive ‘touch and drag’ gesture
• Adopt different driving strategies to become the best
• Direct and manage up to five cabs at once
• Increase cab speed using the accelerate button
• Random motion means no two games are the same
• Cool dude music and SFX
• Show off your stats and photo in a licence card

Manage multiply cabs as the game progresses until it becomes too chaotic for you to control! When you eventually give up, Cabbin Frenzy allows you to register your high earnings score on your own cab licence before trying out business in another city.
3 Aplicaciones
9.11 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.1 o posterior

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