C-Note Casino For iPad - Straight From the Casino Floor

Designed specifically for the iPad, C-Note Casino For iPad combines the four most popular American casino games into one five reel slot machine game. Those games being the “Cherry, Bars and Sevens” three reel game; traditional “Five Reel Slot” game with a wild symbol; “Poker” and “Twenty One”

The three reel game uses only the first reel reels from left to right and includes the traditional any one and any two cherry combinations as well as the one, two and three bars with mixed bar winning combinations and three colored sevens with mixed sevens and a specified sevens sequence combinations.  The sevens sequence combination awards either a progressive payout or a fixed award considered the industry standard for that combination.

The five reel game offers a wild symbol that substitutes for any of the other five reel symbols, The five reel winning combination include all of the traditional two, three, four and five symbol combinations from the left most to rightmost reels with awards expected in a five reel slot game with the five wild symbol combination paying either a fixed or progressive award. 

The poker game pays the traditional poker hands for the cards included in the game which are limited to ace, king, queen, jack and ten of the same suite.  The possible winning hands are royal flush, full house, four of a kind, three of a kind, two pair and jacks or better.  Awards for the winning combinations are very similar to the awards for the same hands on a standard video poker game.  In cases where a three or five reel slot winning combination and a poker winning combination occur on the same pay line both combinations are paid since the combinations are from different game types. The payout for royal flush is either a fixed or progressive award.

The twenty-one game uses the poker game cards and pays for each combination of ace- king, ace-queen, ace-jack and ace-ten, regardless where the cards are located when a twenty-one bonus symbol is visible on the fourth or fifth left most reels.  Each blackjack combination is paid for each twenty-one bonus symbol visible.  In addition the payout for blackjack combination is tripled every twenty first blackjack winning combination.  

C-Note Casino also includes a bonus progressive, twelve symbols are randomly selected from the sixteen total symbols used in the casino game.  One of the twelve selected symbols is the randomly designated as the progressive symbol.  The twelve selected symbols are displayed as the bonus symbols.  When a combination of three or more symbols matching one of the selected bonus symbols is won the player is awarded whatever award is hidden behind the matching bonus symbol.  The bonus is paid in addition to any awards won from the reel spin.  The bonus award exposed as each bonus symbol is won could be either a fixed award or the bonus progressive, if the bonus award is a fixed value the bonus is paid and that bonus symbol is eliminated from future wins and as a potential bonus progressive symbol.  The bonus symbols are eliminated as won until the bonus progressive is won, once won all of the bonus symbols and the bonus progressive symbol is randomly reselected and positioned starting a new bonus sequence.  Since the bonus symbol selected as the bonus progressive is random from all of the sixteen symbols used in the game the frequency or how often a winning combination should reoccur, the possibility of the bonus progressive being won in quick repetition depends on the luck of the player.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

Pelagic Gaming Technology
48.49 MB
Versión iOS
3.2 o posterior

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