BlipPlus™ is a FREE application that allows you to share your location and geo-tagged photo’s with anyone, even if they don’t have BlipPlus, an iPhone, or iPod touch. BlipPlus allows others to share in knowing where you are, when you choose.

Sharing to others is easy – enter their email address and they are invited to create a FREE Blackline GPS Network Account that they can access from BlipPlus or online. A Blackline GPS Network Account is a common home for smartphones equipped with BlipPlus and other Blackline GPS Network-compatible devices that provide real-time locating, security, and safety features.

This application is great for helping to stay connected, monitoring the safety of a loved one during road trips, staying in touch with friends, and numerous other purposes.


BlipPlus also provides mapping features that support devices and smartphone app’s that work on the Blackline GPS™ Network.

- ESCORT® Entourage™ CIS
- ESCORT® Entourage™ PS
- GPS Snitch® from Blackline GPS
- BlipPlus for other smartphones from Blackline GPS

- Creation of a FREE Blackline GPS Network Account from within BlipPlus
- Sharing your iPhone or iPod touch location to others
- Mapping the location of devices activated on your account
- Mapping the location of devices shared to your account from others
- Publish and share geo-tagged photos (Events) with others
- Real-time locating of compatible devices including Entourage CIS, Entourage PS, and GPS Snitch
- Remote control of compatible devices including Entourage CIS, Entourage PS, and GPS Snitch, including security mode


- Blackline GPS:
- User guide:
- Support:

This is our first release of for the iPhone and iPod touch. We’re excited to release this application for your use and ask that you provide descriptive feedback that help us improve this application.

Use BlipPlus for iPhone to Share Your Where™.

Happy location publishing,

The Blackline GPS team
Blackline GPS
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3.1.2 o posterior

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