Bike !
Thanks to Bike, you will be able to easy manage your training sessions and plan your next ride. Just fill in your personal data (weight, height, age, gender), and you will get not only your physiological state but also your Body Mass Index and how much calories you burn for every single session. If you even  indicate your last VO2 MAX value, the calories calculation will even be more accurate !

Set up the date, the place, how much Km you covered, the meteo and terrain conditions, the difference in height and all the characteristics that made memorable your last session; in this way you will have, month after month, even with the help of some easily understanding graphs, a complete view of your training sessions.

Should you decide to use your Iphone during your ride, the integrated GPS will do all the work: position, distance, average speed, average climbing speed, altitude, max speed and even more data will be automatically memorized.

All the measurements data are in English units or metric units.

Moreover there is a wide section entirely dedicated to your bikes: a detailed list of components accompanied by photos, will let you to archive in a maniacal way every minimal detail that makes your priceless bike.

Finally, export your session data through email, you will be able to elaborate them in a spreadsheet (Numbers or Excel) allowing you to make a further statistical monitoring of your performances.

No matter if you are going on a MTB or on a Road, with this simple, intuitive and of easy use application, you will always have available your sessions'logs, from your peaceful ride to your challenging race.

Nota: el uso continuo del GPS en segundo plano puede reducir de forma significativa la duración del la batería.
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