On Christmas Eve big brother and little sister are trying to fall asleep when something magical happens, an old antique camera takes them away to Story-land were they meet the elf Slap-Dash and experience an thrilling Christmas adventure.

Stunning illustrations by artist Eva Stålsjö, accompanied with voice-over recordings by Björn Clarin makes this Christmas story a must have for the holidays.

This is a saga about a saga. A saga with paintings and words, that we originally created in 1961. In 1992, the official, non-commercial TV company of Sweden, SVT produced a short series based on the saga for their Christmas broadcasts. Two years later, the saga was printed and published, with the following words from its creators: "More than 30 years ago, we started working with this saga. At that point, we couldn´t realize that we were actually creating it for the grand children, that we would have so many years later...

The saga has been sleeping its deep slumber, on the bottom of an old wooden chest; as if an unvisible hand has been held over it, keeping it well protected in silence and oblivion.
Now, when it has once more come to life - as a book - we sincerely hope that it can bring about a few of the beautiful dreams of our childhoods, in which we so firmly believed.
But above all, we hope that our grandchildren, that we love so much, and their little friends all over our world will believe in their own dreams and never doubt that they one day will come true.
Because Tomorrow belongs to them all and it will flourish with everything that we give them of Love, Hope and Belief in the future.

- Complete book with texts and stunning illustrations
- Voice-over in both English and Swedish
- Text in both English and Swedish
- Easy to use interaction
- Christmas carols with lyrics
- Auto page shift

Age recommendation: 4-8 years.
Half A Bee
42.79 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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