This is an app anyone can use to learn to play the traditional rhythm instrument, the washboard, from jug bands, old-time, Cajun zydeco, Skiffle and much more in an easy and straightforward way, playing along with your favourite songs.

The washboard has the same shape and look of its namesake, with a bumpy face you scratch and hit to beat out a rhythm.

Adding on your favourite attachments, beat out a rhythm swelling with your creativity.

"BEGIN's e-Washboard" is an app born from the specifications of Japan's own BEGIN, using the rhythmic instrument you know and love from BEGIN's live shows.

The sounds of the Washboard used in this app were of course recorded by BEGIN.

Play along with any song you like from your music library, jam with your friends on other instruments, play a session with "BEGIN's UtaSan-Shin" sing along at karaoke, enjoy this app however you please!

With "BEGIN's e-Washboard" play however you like, just like the real thing!

This mode is for playing the e-Washboard. Press the [Pick] button and select any song you want to play from your iTunes library.

You can choose your attachments, and place them or rearrange them around the Washboard.
For parts you don't need, you can drag and drop them to the black border around the instruments list to remove them from the Washboard.

Here, change the settings of the volume and pitch for the different attachments.

Here, change the settings for the volume and pitch of the Washboard.

This is a special QR Camera specifically for BEGIN’s e-Washboard.
Be careful though, as it can't be used for other QR codes.
2 Aplicaciones
19.25 MB
Inglés y otros
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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