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Back To Skool for the ZX Spectrum (an 8-bit personal home computer released in the UK in 1982 by Sinclair Research Ltd, which sold in excess of 5 million units worldwide) is one of THE defining games of the 1980s.

Back To Skool: ZX Spectrum HD is offered as an in-app purchase from within the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD app. (The in-app is priced at £1.49/€1.59/US$1.99 and includes 5 more ZX Spectrum games).

Back To Skool: ZX Spectrum HD is also available in this stand-alone form. It does not include any other ZX Spectrum games but it does include an infinite lives version.

Back To Skool: ZX Spectrum HD is the 100% original ZX Spectrum game, as written by David S. Reidy and Keith Warrington and published by Microsphere in 1985 and is brought to you - as an officially licenced product - utilizing our ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD technology.

- portrait and landscape play / display modes
- iDaptive (user-definable, game-specific joystick, keypad & canvass) Controls
- (Google: "Tiny URL 22qh8hl") for more info
- ‘auto save’, on exiting the game
- authentic 'Spectrum' sound

Back To Skool, the sequel to Skool Daze, was created by David Reidy (whose wife Helen was a school teacher at the time) for the ZX Spectrum and released by Microsphere in 1985. A Commodore 64 port was subsequently made. It is one of the Spectrum's best-loved games. The game was hailed for breaking many of the gaming moulds by pursuing a creative route of a childhood experience at school.

About Elite®: Elite Systems Ltd was incorporated in England in 1984.
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