★★★ The smart way to aid your baby's discovery into the world of color and sound!
★★★ 9 unique color patterns and sounds for them to explore, each creating a new adventure!
★★★ Guaranteed to evoke expression within their developing life!

Introducing Baby Musical Toys - The exploration of music, sounds and color!

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Babies are just taking their first journey into exploring the world of sound and color, and this is the app to aid them along in their adventure! Baby Musical Toys was specifically designed for children ages 6 months to 2 years old. At such a young age, children are not as aware of sound or color. Here come the toys to introduce your little one into this new, beautiful yet wild world.

What’s included in this app?
♪ 9 beautiful color and shape patterns,
♪ Multiple instrument sounds to play with,
♪ Piano on scales of the fish, guitar tunes on the fruits, drums on the turtle, and more!
♪ Bright color to develop baby’s vision, creative thinking, and attention span,
♪ The toys to stimulate your baby’s brain

Scientists say that picking up musical knowledge from an early age can release an interest in music that they may benefit from in the future! Baby Musical Toys is one stimulus to implant this interest.

You child can have fun in this new generation of the ‘knowledge toy’, watch as they engage and have fun whilst learning. Watching their smiles and laughter and playing along with them, you’ll form a deeper bond with your baby. Enjoy some musical playtime with your sweet child when you download this great app!

Features of the app:
★ Designed for baby age 6 months to 2 years old,
★ Compatible with iPad retina display,
★ Support multi touch to create multi sounds,
★ High quality - real instrument sounds
★ Vivid colors graphics
★ Easy-to-use navigation,
★ No third party advertising,
★ No in-app-purchases
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11.29 MB
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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