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- 'Angry Honey' is an exciting rhythm action game enjoyable by everyone.
- You do not need to be good at rhythm games to play Angry Honey. All you need is the will to smash things over and over again and it will blow away your stress.
- Feel rhythmic catharsis from destroying everything thrown in your way.

* Features
1) “Play” anywhere
Angry honey can be played like an instrument, in short sessions – anytime, anywhere!

2) Timed Euphoria
That certain addictive, rhythmic feel of smashing things thrown your way “just at the right time”.

3) Rhythmic action
Find the pattern amongst the chaos, the rhythm within the noise.

*How To play
- An angry housewife will throw anything she can get her hands on at you, the unlucky husband
- You must smash everything thrown your way to survive.
- In order to do this, tap the game screen when the thrown object is inside the target circle.
- Tapping the screen at the exact moment will result in higher scores.
- You can upload your scores on the global leader board and compete with other players from around the world.
- Join this rhythm-packed craziness today!

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2 Aplicaciones
9.45 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.1 o posterior

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