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Ancient Gods - Treasure Hunting And Colouring Game

Check out the Ancient Gods - Treasure Hunting Lite version too!

The Greek Gods finally arrived to charm children of all ages with Full HD hand drawn vector graphics made by artists from the cartoon and children book illustration industry ,and with original music composed by musicians for each level.

Join a fabled story of myth and fantasy and search for treasures, mythic creatures, cute animals, gods and their huge family and friends, in historical places and where no one's been before like the underworld,under seas or Zeus's Palace at Mount Olympus on top of the clouds!

After you find all the hidden objects, characters and magical things you can colour them too with our easy to use and wonderful colouring game!

After you created your masterpiece you can share it with your friends on almost every social media like Facebook or Twitter or you can even send it to us to decide which one of you is the next great artist.

We are constantly updating our game with more and more free levels, paintable characters,animals,objects and mythological scenes, colour palettes and mini games! We are aiming to provide the best available experience for the whole family.


- Retina Hd Graphics
- Original hand Drawn scenes with amazing details
- A fully available colouring game with a lot of wonderful colours and drawing ( and it'll keep coming for Free )
- Use your finger to draw, erase and add a lot more colours.
- More Than 300 original characters & animals & objects to find.
- Treasure hunting on easy to use find the hidden objects base
- Huge content updates ( Stay tuned! )
- Optimised for the iPad retina but it'll also run on iPhones or iPods ( though we cannot guarantee anything on iPod4's yet, but we are hardly working on it! )

We are aiming to provide you rich content and beautiful art with amazing details because we think it can be great to see such cartoon or animation like style in today's vast majority of flat designs and primitive shapes.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays
Infinite Illusion
60.28 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
6.0 o posterior

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