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♛♛♛ Free for a limited time ♛♛♛
♛ Race, earn bank, compete globally, win, get better stuff, have fun, get surprised.

Race on awesomely designed crazy tracks with moving parts, loops, multiple paths, unlock turbo charged trucks and find bank hidden on every track.

Find secret passages to take alternative paths to the finish line!

Earn stars on each race track. Earn one star for each of the following:
1) finish the track,
2) beat the computer racer,
3) find the hidden treasure.

Also includes 9 bonus maze tracks where each time you race a bank-money-bag can be won, if you can solve the maze before time runs out.

NOTE: All Star Rally backs up and synchronizes your game data using Game Center if you are logged onto Game Center. Because of this, All Star Rally works best if you have a network connection and use Game Center.

Packed full of hours of fun!

✪ Unlock trucks as your bank increases.

✪ Each of the 8 trucks has a unique combination of speed, power, and health damage control.

✪ Race the computer trucks.

✪ Race your ghost.

✪ Game Center Leaderboards & Achievements

✪ Customizable controls (tilt or touch)

✪ Roaring vehicle engine sounds, sound effects and game music

✪ Universal iPad, iPhone, iPod app that synchronizes bank, scores, level progress, and achievements across all devices that use the same Game Center player ID

✪ iPad, iPhone, and iPod retina display support

Tips for managing your bank, scores, achievements and level progress

➽ Backup Using Game Center
Logon to Game Center using the Game Center app. When you are logged on to Game Center, backup in All Star Rally will occur automatically. Your bank score, achievements, level progress, and race times will all be backed up. That way even if you delete the app and reinstall it, you will still have all your bank (game money) you earned or bought.

➽ Multi-User Session Support
Each Game Center player that logs onto the device experiences their own session in All Star Rally, with their own bank, game progress, scores, and achievements.
To change the player, use the Game Center app to logout the current player and logon the new player. All Star Rally automatically detects when this occurs and changes the player.

➽ Multi-Device Support
Have multiple devices (iPod, iPad, and an iPhone)? Logon to game center using the Game Center app and all of your bank, race times, achievements and level progress will automatically synchronize across all devices that use the same Game Center player ID.

➽ Important Note about Network Connectivity
If you use Game Center to backup your All Star Rally stuff, then All Star Rally depends on Game Center to tell it that you are logged on as a specific Game Center player. Because of this, if you reboot your device and for some reason Game Center does not cache your Game Center player credentials, and you do not have a network connection when you restart your device, you might temporarily loose your game progress, bank, scores, and achievements. As soon as you have a network connection again you will regain all of your bank, scores, achievements, and level progress.
17 Aplicaciones
38.58 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
5.1 o posterior

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